Monday, August 9, 2010

Lights out in Eastie tonight

The power was out in various parts of East Boston this evening. It is back on for me, near the intersection of Bennington & Byron Streets, but I'm not sure if that is the case for everyone.

Earlier this evening, as I drove past the end of Lexington Street, near Day Square, I saw a firetruck, a police car and a small crowd. The power appeared to be out in that area, and I thought I saw a bit of smoke in the air. I'd guess there was a manhole fire, but I'm not sure.

My oven clock was blinking when I got home, so the power had been off, apparently briefly, and then it went off again from roughly 10 p.m. to 10:30. I found nothing about the outage on, but Universal Hub has made reference to it.


Mid-Life Progress said...

Yes - East Boston and FaceBook were a funny place to be last night. We browned out at the base of the hill for a few minutes fading in and out, while my sister around the corner on Leyden was completely blacked out for quite some time.

Meanwhile many of us were chatting on FaceBook comparing conditions in the Heights, the Point, Eagle Hill etc. There was also some chat about a possible manhole fire being the source while JP residents called NStar and received a tentative timeline of 11pm for return to service.

I forget how we did it in the old days in terms of communication but situations like black outs and even the gas surge and explosions of 1983 - brought us out to our stoops well into the night to compare information and check on the well being of our neighbors.

I couldn't help but think of FaceBook last night as one big virtual stoop.

Jim said...

Remember the gas surge? That was a strange night. I wrote a Wikipedia entry about it:

Mid-Life Progress said...

Yes! Although I was in junior high back then. :)

Funny - talking about it made me look it up and I was wondering who wrote the wikipedia entry!

Funny stuff!!

Jim said...

I actually created the East Boston entry years ago. It's been modified by many people since then, but I started it and several of the others relating to Eastie.