Sunday, August 24, 2008

Development in Maverick

I've heard that Melissa Tyler, owner of a small jewelry outfit called Tummy Toys, is purchasing the old public welfare building in Maverick Square, which has been vacant for many years.

Word is that Tyler hopes to transform the building into retail and office space, especially for the development of small, locally-owned ventures. Tyler lives and works on Marginal Street.


Hopeful said...

That is correct. She is planning on putting retail shops on the 1st floor, business offices on the second and 2 apartments on the 3rd. She is currently looking for people to occupy the retail and office space. Thanks for letting everyone know Jimbo:)

Me said...

That is beyond wonderful to hear. This is such a cool building. I always walk by hoping someone would come up with a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a yoga studio or something like that.

Anonymous said...

A furniture shop would be the best thing for the welfare property, it is needed big time in east Boston just think all the students coming back they need desks futons and all furniture needs

TheEastBostonian said...

Melissa was awarded the building because her ideas were on point for the coommunity,and will add a great venue to Maverick Square,and all of East Boston.

They are great people,and at least for once the Machine didnt give it to its connected friends to make more apartments that will joinn the hundreds already vacant.

Best of Luck Melissa,and good Job.
Joe Mason

Anonymous said...

Jimbo--Where exactly is this place?

Jimbo said...

The building is at 154 Maverick Street, on the corner with Bremen Street, just outside of Maverick Square. It has been vacant for many years.

Carrie said...

So exciting! What a cool development!

Melissa said...

John and I are so happy to see that people are talking and thinking about what they would like to see in the Welfare building.

We are talking to people about accepting applications for space. (An application consists of a business plan outline and a how it will be funded). So far the applications have been for a cheese and wine shop, a natural pet food shop, massage therapist and skin care spa/salon.

The first floor will have about 9 shops and the 2nd floor will have 9-12 offices. Please feel free to call or email me at or 617-571-9031 with your request for rental space.

We are excited to get going but at this point in time we are doing all the leg work plans, surveys, utilities and zoning… Once all of these have been addressed we will have the go ahead from the City and then you will start to see progress hopefully spring of 09. The finish date will be about 9-12 months later.

Thanks again for all the support
Melissa & John Tyler