Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eastie rising

New local food spots just keep popping up in East Boston. I received an email telling me about a place called Scup's in the Harbor, located at 256 Marginal Street, Building 16 -- which is apparently in the middle of the shipyard. Currently, Scup's is open for breakfast and lunch. Word is also that the dog store on Sumner Street is going to be a small grocery store with some food to go.

Finally, some vacant storefronts have caught my eye. A small building at the corner of Saratoga and Curtis streets looks like it was just fixed up nicely. In a spot with more foot traffic that looks like it'd be a cool cafe of some kind. There are also two brick buildings with new condos in the 170s of Chelsea Street that have empty storefronts on the bottom floors, though I'm not sure what would be best in that location.


Anonymous said...

Oh great...another grocery store on Sumner Street!!!

Just what is needed...

Anonymous said...

To bad nobody can get there with the back gate all locked up