Monday, August 25, 2008

"A tradition unlike..." Huh?

I did a double take when I saw the headline on Page 2 of the Aug. 20 edition of The East Boston Times. Above a good story on Santarpio's, Eastie's venerable pizza shrine, it said, "A tradition unlike no other." I've heard the phrase "a tradition like no other" as well as "a tradition unlike any other," but the wording used by the Times makes no sense.

Unless...wait a second...if we cancel out the double negative, we're left with "A tradition like many others." Hey, that's an insult! Was that the real motive of the local weekly? It must be. Otherwise we're left with an embarrassingly sloppy rendering of a simple phrase.

Also, I must disagree with the newspaper's decision to put the photo of the 11-year-old East Boston girl who returned home after being missing for a few days last week on Page 1. Sure, I had her image up on this blog, but that was after receiving it in an email from Station 7 while the child's whereabouts were still unknown. Her picture was all over the local dailies and TV stations at that point in hopes that this would help in the search for her. Now she's back and while law enforcement follows up on the case I think we should get her face out of the spotlight as soon as we can.


Anonymous said...

Ya think Jimbo does not like the times?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is exactly a matter of like or dislike. That newspaper simply isn't good. I'd love to read a good community newspaper.

Anonymous said...

isn't good? why because Jimbo points out a typo here or me a newspaper that does'nt make its share of mistakes. We all got the point of the story about Tarps. But Jimbo's post appears pompous and nit picky because the writer appeared to make a mistake on the phrase. This is a local newspaper not Time magazine. Give them a break.

Anonymous said...

By not good, I didn't mean a little typo here and there. That newspaper covers such a tiny part of the community. To be honest I haven't looked at it for about a year so maybe it has miraculously changed. I stopped reading it because it seemed to be the paper of mainly long-time mostly Italian-American Eastie resident and/or politicians. I'd be happy to read those articles if there was a balance, but I'm not interested in a paper that caters to and represents only one part of a community. Tell me if you really think it has changed and maybe I'll give it another chance.

Anonymous said...

I thought the story about Santarpios was overblown. It's such a mediocre restaurant and I've never understood the fawning attitude toward it. Kelly's Pub is much better. Kelly's has better food and is much cleaner, etc.

John said...

While all our local newspapers have been experiencing a decline in quality (the number of typos and general slip-ups in the Globe is just embarrassing) the Times is pretty horrendous in terms of typos and such, but it's a small local paper, so what. But it's the completely old guy with an irritable prostate kind of vibe to the editorials and news coverage that makes it a joke.

Although it' still a step up from the hard-core Italian-American paper that covers Eastie and the North End (can't think of the name off the top of my head). I half expect to see sympathetic opinion pieces on Benito Mussolini and train schedules.

But I'm not out there publishing an alternative paper for Eastie (or even a so I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut.

TheEastBostonian said...


First its good to be back,after going in the hospital for an operation.

I would like to say a few words that no one seems to want to hear about the Times.
But before I begin ,I also would like to say a few words about this blog.

I e-mailed Jimbo a public meeting notice for 8-28-08 about a Beer,and Wine license thats about to be sold from Cafe Italia on Huntington Avenue ,to
Roticeria Cancun 145 Meridian Street.
The meeting is at the East Boston Social center 68Central Square 8-28-08 at 7 p.m.,E.B. ,but Jimbo has yet to mention it.

I have also sent it through our keeper of records to the East Boston Times,as well as Elplanetea,and Elmundo papers.

Only time will tell if the Times will print it,as we have for the 15th time offered to pay for such ads,only to see them ignored,and not get our notices in,for you the public.

Case in point,and 100%factual;
They refused to print the most recent ad for EastBostonians to be able to apply for 15, -$500.00 dollar Tuition grants for East Boston kids.

Although I do not like anon postings,I think the one about not reading it for a year is dead on target.

However this is happening all over the place,and you the public are being ignored.

So Jimbo PLEASE do not be offended ,but you had NO problem puting up the sale of the old Cafe Italia,so why not this Public meeting notice?

The East Boston Times has lost its roots in this community a long time a go,and without a doubt is a controlled paper.Just look at the actual advertisements,about 80% non Eastie.

You folks think about it.
To reject that ad "After " getting an e-mail from Mr.Resnick saying"dont worry Joe,it will be in".No never happened.

Now thats being sitful.I do not vote on anything at L.U.C.,and this money belongs to our great community.

Its clearly time for another paper,but its also time for the general public to say Enough is Enough after seeing your children get punished,because Mr.Resnick,and a few select connected pols simply do not like me as a person.

I am posting with a whole new attitude about life,and can tell all of you,when you get a second chance at life as I have,you change,and what matters most is
staying positive,loving each day,and thanking GOD for his gift to me.

I do not know whatbthe Times circulation is,but I do know that we have tried very hard to ask them to help you,and have been ignored.

Now I am sure the response will be swift,and in my face,but I cant control that.All I can do is say Thanks if this is posted,and tresure every breath you take.

Peace,and Love
Joe Mason

Jimbo said...

1. Let's not blame "the writer" of the story. At most newspapers the reporter does not write the headline; instead, a copy editor (bigger papers) or the layout/graphics people (smaller papers) will come up with a headline that fits the available space.

2. "This is a local paper not Time magazine. Give them a break." Certainly we all make mistakes. Big dailies frequently have typos in their stories or sometimes headlines that are confusing. Still, journalists should always push themselves to have stories as accurate and well written as possible. In the Aug. 27th Times, one story refers to the paper itself at the "Sun Times." How can you screw up your own name?

3. I agree with John about the Post-Gazette.

4. I completely disagree with the comment about Kelly's Pub -- at least if you're talking about pizza and sausage. (Full disclosure: a relative of mine makes the sausages at Santarpio's.) Kelly's does have good grilled food.

5. I've been called "nit picky" before, but only in regard to what I eat and what I write. Otherwise, I'm not much of a perfectionist at all.

TheEastBostonian said...


An Update to my original post;

The Ad for the Community Meeting for thursday 828-08 to Transfer a Beer,and Wine Liquor License DID NOT make it in this weeks East Boston Times.

Even submitted with a request to Pay for it.

This is a crucial meeting about another Liquor License in to Eastie,and out of Huntington Avenue.

You the community have a God given right to klnow about these meetings.

Well you cant fight City Hall.
Peace & Love
Joe Mason

I Spoke to the owner today,and I got the same reply.

I also told him I will be sending him a Huge Burger King Meeting Notice next week,and he PROMISED he would personaly make sure it gets in,only time will tell.

Anonymous said...


Its clearly time for another newspaper? How about its clearly time for another Land Use Council president. Dont you think with all your health issues its time to let someone else take the lead? Sometimes it takes a good leader to know when you have overstayed your welcome or have been rendered ineffective. Clearly, that is the case. To start your bitchin again about these "public meeting notices" from the Land Use Council is a waste of everyone's time. We all know the Mayor's office will handle the community process for now until a new organization is formed. For the sake of the neighborhood, just stop it with the notices of meetings that mean nothing.

TheEastBostonian said...

Dear Ano 8-27-08 10;01

Isnt it about time you stp being a person hiding behind an Anon post?

As far as my health goes ,I am doing just fine.That must upset you.

The Mayors office is the reason why we have the filthiest streets,the worst looking busines districts,and on,and on.

But hey maybe you cant speak about that due to fear of retaliation.

Thats a horrible way to live,to not be able to be proud of your name yet speak up about the deplorable condition of East Boston.

Peace,and Love
Joe Mason

Anonymous said...


Why don't you start your own newspaper if you think you can do it better. It was, infact a typo, that slipped through the cracks on a production day that we were putting out 5 other newspapers with several staff memebers taking family vacations.
Did you read the story?
Perhaps you should applaud a newspaper that continues to report the news and place a spotlight on traditions and new things in Eastie.
Outside of Eastie, approx. 500 papers are distributed outside the community. In my reporting I try to attract people to a place most people who don't live here think is a slum or just an airport.
So go ahead, stare down your nose at me and my paper.
Remember Jimbo, those who can do and those who can't critize.
We have plenty of back copies at the office with your by-line on it and your reporting on Eastie was not much different in both content and style. So I ask you Jim, in your infinite wisdom what would you like to see in the Times.

-John Lynds

Anonymous said...

And to the blogger who states its mostly about Italian Americans and 'unbalanced' I suugest he holds his coments until he picks up a paper and reads it. For seven years I'd venture to say I've written just as much on the Latino, elderly, low-income, small business owner population that dots this community.

-John Lynds

Jimbo said...

If I had the money, it's quite possible that I would start my own newspaper, but that is not a reasonable response to mild criticism.

I don't possess "infinite wisdom." A modicum of wisdom at most, mixed with a little experience working at weekly newspapers. And an infinite appetite.

I didn't realize that it was impolite or impolitic to occasionally make note of errors or disagreements with a newspaper. When I do that with other publications and web sites (which I sometimes do) I get, "Thanks for pointing that out" or "This is how we made that mistake." I'm not trying to be personal, but that's the way the employees of the Times always seems to take it.

And I did read the story. I believe I said it was "a good story on Santarpio's."

acf said...

As a former East Bostonian (we're all over the place), I'm not always up to date on these stories, but one thing I noticed was that I remember nothing in the Globe or Boston TV news about it, yet when that boy in Lynn disappeared (note: not went missing) the media was all over it. Did I miss the stories or coverage? If it wasn't for Hubster, I never would have known about it at all.