Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LUC meeting Thursday

I've received an email announcing a meeting of the East Boston Land Use Council tomorrow, Thursday evening, at the East Boston Social Center starting at 7 p.m. Items on the agenda include the transfer of a beer and wine license from Caffe Italia on Huntington Ave. in Boston to Rosticeria Cancun, located at 145 Meridian Street.


Anonymous said...


In case you did not hear, nobody pays attention to the Land Use Council anymore - including the City of Boston Licensing Board. Joe Mason has managed to destroy all credibility of what used to be a worthwhile organization. Sad to say, but there is no community organization which is the voice of the neighborhood anymore. If Joe was noble or cared about the community as much as he says he does, he would announce that there will be elections and that a new president will be elected - and only then will there be some credibility restored to that organization.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Mary Berninger.

TheEastBostonian said...

You are 100% WRONG!
As Usual,you and many others have no clue about community meetings,as you never attend them.

Our meeting last night on the beer,and wine license was very well attended,and the commun ity was well represented.

Every time people like you speak about the Council,we get stronger,so take your best shot at helping silent the communities voice,but you will never accomplish it.

The Licensing bboard is some thing yoou have no right to speak to,or about.

We are very well respected by them,and they always reach out to us as they did on this one to have a Community meeting because the MACHINE ,you know the one that runs your blog refuses to have an open transparent meeting process. That is unless you are connected,and need to shove something down the communities throat.

Good Luck to you,and you connected friends,but we are not going any where.

Try coming to a meeting,aand debate me,or better still the entire group.


Peace and Love
Joseph J.Mason

Your post is very sad,as you used the meeting date to do the machines dirty work.LOLOLOL

I am sure you will use the Burger King meeting on 9-11-08 at 6:30 p.m. to do the same.

Jimbo said...

Joe...The first post wasn't written by me; it was addressed to me, as in "Dear Jimbo." I sign all of my comments here.

Anonymous said...

There was only 4 people in attandance besises the owner of the restaurant...I remember when there was at least 40 in attendance at a time when there was regular elections and new presidents elected every 2 years or so...not anymore...what does that tell you?

TheEastBostonian said...

Another looooser saying only 4 people in attendance.

The sign in sheet says 39,and it includes The director of East Boston Mainstreets,Chamber reps,Atty for the client,the client,and his family,as well as 24 regular Land Use Council members who got to vote.
So if the loooser anon was there he/she would of also been given a list of 15,$500.00 (7500.00) dollar tuition grants awarded by the LUC to 15 great Eastie Kids,as well as another$10,000.00 dollars in additional grants to things like E.B.Little League,E.B.Softball,Crossroads family shelter s food pantry,Trophies for Mis Mr. Columbus day pagent,An Italian band to march in this years parade,7 Senior Citizens groups , several After school programs,including sending E.B.Central Catholics summer kids to Six Flagsjust to name a few.

So try as you may ,at the direction of the corrupt machine known as the mubling Mumbles mania,you will NEVER discredit us,as you are a loooser who is afraid to sign your name.

Ill bet you know some one,or have directly benefited from our grant program.

Just a true blue LOOOOOOOOSER who talks out of your ass.

Cant wait for Mike run for Mayor.

Joe Mason

Anonymous said...

More mason propoganda unfortunately. There has not been 24 land use council members in attendance since Joe Plagenza was President - and that was a long time ago. If you have a sign in sheet with that many names on it, it must have been taken from the Marty Coughlin archives!!!! Don't believe me when it comes to how the LUC is viewed at the Licensing Board or ZBA? Just attend a meeting and see the reaction.

Anonymous said...


I read somewhere that the Land Use Council has agreed to hold elections of officers for those interested in running for President in October. Is there anyway we can verify this and is it true that Joe Mason has agreed to step aside?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think your right anon it is time for Joe Mason to step down and let some one else give the community a voice. Joe Mason is not respected by the ZBA or any other board, I heard from people that the ZBA have banned him from the room and that he is not allowed to attend the meetings. I have also heard that the LUC droped attendance by over 50%. Their last agenda only had five people sign in and one of the names was Mason himself. I know their are many people that would love to take over the landuse council but do not have the time to deal with the antics of Joe Mason. He has nothing to do and all day to do it. If Mary Berringer ran the LUC some good things would happen, like people attending and voicing their opinions. Also, the elected officials would start sending their reps to the LUC. I have been around for sometime and have seen what Joe has done to this community and the council. Enough is enough!!!!!
Joseph S.
Mason you know who I am!

TheEastBostonian said...

To the first Anon,and the last before this post.

1-Heres an update since today was the Licensing Boards hearing on this License to be transfered.

The L.U.C recommended the following provisions be placed in writing on the License that WILL hang in his restaurant
a-Beer,and Wine to be served with food only (to prevent it from being a bar room)
b-NO service of alcohol after 12 Midnight
c-EVEYONE out by the 1 a.m. closing hour


So you see when you talk out of your ass,you end up smelling like one.

Sals ,office,as well as the Mayors office DID NOT ask for anything.

Now to the last anon posted on 9-9-08 at 4 11

You bet I know who you are!

Joe we are still looking for all of the Financial records of your tenancy as a former President of the L.U.C..

Why were they not turned over,esp the Leonard Florence Grant financials.
Who got the money,and how much??

Oh why were at it does the word Savios financial demise ,ring a
bell to you?

Jimbo,sorry for not catching that was not from you.

Joe Mason
I Love East Boston

I also Love Mikes chances of becoming our next Mayor.

P.S.Our By-Laws are posted on line ,as is our schedule for the rest of the year,but I guess in order to know that you would need to care about Eastie,come to meetings,of the L.U.C.,and others,as well as at least be up to date before you talk out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

Joe, nice try. Let me see if I got this right...if you also asked that the license be printed on paper and in ink - would that be because the LUC asked for it or maybe just because that's what the licensing Board does anyway? Your post detailing your account of the LUC's impact at the Licensing hearing is ridiculous. In fact, it is no different than you telling us that you held a meeting on whether the sun is going to come up on Friday and when it does tell us "see, the land use council was the only one who asked for it and look what happened...we are the only ones Mother Nature obviously listens to." Who do you think you are kidding? The conditions that you claimed to have "asked" for are the SAME conditions that are typical of EVERY restaurant license transfer in the city! Furthermore, the conditions were exactly what the applicant was agreeing to in the first place.

I hope my friends, once again, see that this is what we are dealing with in EB. Decide for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

...oh and why is it that you have decided to post here again? I thought you started your own blog...sorry, I remember you cant post anything over there without going through the equivalent of an FBI candidates screening and then if you post you cant be critical of Joe or the LUC (but everyone else is fair game). Hypothesis in 2 months: ERROR 404-blog has been terminated for inactivity.

Anonymous said...


Joe Mason rocks,and is correct in asking you wheres the financial records for the L.U.C.,and Savio .

What cat got your tounge,or is your vocab so restricted it only has hate for me.

My health is more important than any blog,or community.

Be a man sign your full real name,and turn over the books on Savio,and the L.U.C..

We post ours every year on line,and in print,and do not need to be asked to do so.

Good Luck but remember
Joe Mason