Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer treats

There's a blurb on today about paletas -- frozen fruit in a cup that is a popular summer treat among our Latin American friends. I will try one before the summer is over, but it'd have to be mighty good to replace my traditional summer favorite -- slush from the place we've always called "East Boston slush." I've been by there a number of times this summer and it is still fantastic.

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N.starluna said...

Colombian paletas are different than Mexican paletas. Each country makes them a bit differently. Mexican paletas are also made of fruit but, at least where my family is from, they are just on a stick, not a cup. Sometimes they are wrapped in plastic or wax paper that you peel off. They are also made just a little bit differently. I've had Cositas Ricas and they are good. But if you go to Mexico, or even Los Angeles, and order a paleta from a paletero, you are going to get something a little bit different. Not any better or worse than Cositas Ricas, just different.