Friday, September 11, 2009

Aloisi out

According to, Jim Aloisi is on his way out as state transportation secretary. A son of East Boston, Aloisi has been involved in public transportation issues for years, as a lawyer, lobbyist and state government official. His tenure, which lasted less than a year, was sometimes the subject of controversy -- including the firing of MBTA chief Dan Grabauskas.


Anonymous said...

Aloisi was a disaster for Gov(soon to be ex-governor) Patrick. He was controversial,obnoxious, and a headache for this administration from day one.He proved beyond a doubt that he was no friend of East Boston,his home town.
Does his sister have to go get a real job now?

Anonymous said...

He went to harvard, how many people do you know from east boston that went to harvard, and still lives in eastie!!! My opinion he's better off working for massport. Maybe run massport.

Anonymous said...

I was given to understand that Jim Aloisi moved to the South End some time ago.