Friday, September 4, 2009

Good grief

We often hear that the drug trade in Afghanistan is being used to finance the insurgency and that Muslim mosques and non-profits funnel money to terror groups. Brace yourselves for this: Our own tax dollars, spent on recovery programs in Afghanistan, may be paying for fighters and weapons that kill American soldiers and the locals who work with them.

This is extremely disturbing and further evidence of the futility of the so-called war on terror. In another way, however, it makes sense. It was American policies and money that created al-Qaeda and the Taliban. I've met the enemy and he is staring into my monitor.

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Anonymous said...

With the most recent discovery of Irans nuclear ambitions it is apparent that the UN is not going to act forcefully, if at all regarding this matter. Sanctions alone wont deter this regime. What I fear is that Israel in its quest for sheer survival will attack the sites where the construction is happening --no doubt triggering an international incident of major proportions. I can see this happening in a matter of a few months.