Monday, September 21, 2009

Kenneally for the Council

The city's preliminary election is tomorrow, when the field for mayor and city councilor will be winnowed down. For at-large city councilor there's one guy I'm rooting for and you may want to take a look at him as well: Andrew Kenneally.

Smart, qualified, enthusiastic -- Kenneally is just the kind of person I want to see on the council. He also seems like a really nice guy and, further, he lives here in East Boston. It'd be great to have a second local representative, after District 1 Councilor Sal LaMattina, at City Hall.

Check out Kenneally's web site, as he's got an interesting life story, and consider him when you head to the polls tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have met Andy during the campaign and agree with you Jim. He would be a fine addition to the city council. I know he will do very well here in East Boston and am confident he will place in the top four in this upcoming primary.
Bill Deveau

John LaRosa said...

I know Andrew personally, and while I don't agree with all of his views, I can tell you this: He is hard working, intelligent, creative, caring and experienced. He knows the workings of City government inside and out and he will give everything he has for the people of Boston. He has overcome adversity with positive effort and attitude and he is open to good suggestions from any source. What more can you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Andrew is a great guy. I go way back with him to the days the both of us worked for Mickey Roache in the registry of deeds. I really hope he wins over at least two of the four candidates that won yesterday.