Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A pair of local deaths

An East Boston man died last night after being "pulled from the waters off of Winthrop Beach," according to the Boston Herald. The 39-year-old, who has yet to be identified, apparently drowned. Emergency personnel responded after "residents walking the shore heard 'screams for help,'" the story says. Jake Wark, press secretary for the Suffolk County DA's office, said, "The drowning is not being treated as a homicide investigation."

Also, a body was found in or near Piers Park on Sept. 18, according to Universal Hub on a tip from a tweet by photographer Rick Nohl. I apparently missed the original reports, but stumbled across the story yesterday.It appears that whatever happened was an accident, according to a comment on Universal Hub left by Wark:

Passersby discovered the body last night. The man, apparently homeless, was tangled up in a bicycle as if he had fallen while riding. There were no obvious signs of foul play, but an autopsy will be conducted today to determine cause and manner of death.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jimbo...nice scoop. But allow me (you can thank me later John Lyndes) to call you out on your breaking news. It wasn't Friday it was September 18th (as in last Friday! and the passerby's did not discover the body "last night")...say what you want about the Times, but at least they were a bit more timely with the story.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know your source is Universal Hub. They even put the date on the post - I think a correction is in order. OLD NEWS!!!

Jim said...

Eeeek...I overlooked the date entirely.

Well, instead of attacking your motives and your manhood, I admit that I made an error and I thank you both for correcting me.

The post has been modified to reflect the correct date.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jimbo. Very noble of you. As the saying goes, nobody is perfect (including the Times). You both should always strive to be better. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry guys, you don't make mistakes! Jimbo made one and whats the big deal? Instead you should only point it out because after all your on his blog so you must enjoy it.
Sorry Jimbo but some people need to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Yes, give Jim a break, you haters, he never claimed to be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hey, to bad this wasn't a story about Joe Mason and Winthrop Beach.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon Comment at 2:48 pm on October 2: I hope you have a lot of time on your hands...my guess is you just subjected yourself to weeks of posts from Joe threatening to find out who you are, obtaining your IP address, subpoenas, lawyers, "Massive Lawsuits", discrimination, who knows - none of which will come to pass. But I thought I would just let you know.

I know we all like to call him out on his looney rants and it is purely entertaining for most of us when he goes on his ridiculous attacks and makes no sense - but we need to draw the line somewhere. As much as we may disagree with Joe, I am not sure any of us (except some of his past landlords) wish him any ill fate. Lets try to keep it civil here. Thanks for posting this Jimbo!


Ms. Anon
Chief Mason Critic and
Proud EB Resident

Anonymous said...

To whomever posted that "too bad it wasn't Joe" was an absolute jerk. I too disagree with all his ranting and raving and yes most of the times its childish, but to say something so wrong like that is sad. I hope you really didn't mean that and you owe him an apology.
Again, I will state that yes he is sometimes rude and tries to be hiding behind anons but its funny. You took it too far. We wish you well Joe

Signed: Joe's other biggest critic
but not nasty