Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eastie mayoral debate -- minus the mayor

Three of the four mayoral candidates will be in East Boston to debate one another on Wednesday, Sept. 16, from 6:30 to 8:30 at the East Boston Social Centers in Central Square. Sam Yoon, Kevin McCrea and Michael Flaherty have agreed to participate in the forum, and word is that the mayor's office isn't happy about the event.

The community is invited to attend the forum, which will be in English with Spanish and Portuguese translations available. The event is organized and sposored by Perfiles Publishing Group, the MIRA Coalition, the East Boston Ecumenical Community Council, the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing, the Boston Parent Organizing Network, CityLife/Vida Urbana, the Brazilian Immigrant Center and the Hyde Square Task Force.


Mary Berninger said...

Did the mayor's campaign staff in East Boston try to encourage the mayor to attend the debate in our neighborhood? If not, why not? What a disrespectful slap to East Boston by his not being a part of such an event. The mayor should be man enough to attend, regardless of whether his staff is "unhappy about it."

John said...

I thought the four candidates all did well though I wasn't impressed by any of them. I thought Flaherty came across as a bit smug and really looked foolish defending the city council for acting in their own best interest against McCrea. Yoon seemed to be so focused on getting his points out that he was almost robotic. I'm not looking for a mayor who is a robot. McCrea probably made the most sense out of all of them and I honestly feel he would probably change Boston for the better than any of them. However, in the end, the best candidate who actually has a chance was the Mayor. He knows the city, we know he cares, and he has no desire to do anything other than make Boston the best it can be. I wish he'd clean up the insider deals that go on but I really don't see another candidate with a chance that can do a better job. So for now, my vote goes to Tommy - unless of course a Republican runs.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor lost the debate last night. He is terrible without a script.

I loved it whem Mcrea pulled out 100% factual docs revealing a sale signed by the Mayor of a parcel of land assed at 125,000.00 dollars to his developer friend shortly after a campaign donation.

Folks I checked the registry of deeds,and its 100% true,and I have a copy now.

To the first poster ,not only was a tremdous amount of energy spent trying to get the Mayor to attend ,(begging).

But within 1 hour of the release of this debate information,Jeff Drago,(huge loser to Basile) started calling barking at us at the Social Center,Then John Forbes,and of course Anthony Albano.

This is the exact quote I got from one of them.

"Screw that theres not going to be any debate in Eastie by the Latinos,I gaurantee it"closed quote.

So the Mayor wants to silence not only them,but the entire community.

I then personally got in touch with Meninos campaign manager,and told him these people better back off,or we will call a press conference.

In my opinion they are afraid !

The debate will happen,and here are some rules for you to know.

A-We are handicapped accesable!

1- NO signs will be allowed in(liability)
2-ANYONE who disrupts the debate will be removed instantly
3-WE encourage you to wear t-shirts,hats ,pins etc. Get creative ,and have fun

4- MOST important :
When you arrive (please come early)
you will have to sign your name,if you wish to ask a question,or have a comment,and then we will call the list in that order.

5-Each candidate will be issued the same amount of tickets,so no one can stack the meeting.

We will be having 2 detail cops ,1-outside,1inside,as well as a private security company.

Despite thier intent to squash this debate,I say lets show our Eastie Pride by having a paeacful,Civil debate,and show these guys ,you simply can not ignore East Boston,as they have ,esp The Mayor.

To the Mayor

Its not to late to come to East Boston 9-16-09.

You need to come,and face the public,and stop treating us like you have already won East Boston.
You have not !

There will be an empty seat on stage reserved for you.

I hope you change your mind,and stop disrespecting this awesome town.

God Bless Mr. Luis Bravo for his hard work on this.

Hes handling the debate issues ,I am running the security.

Lets make us proud,please attend,and 1000000000005 arrive early.

Nuff Said

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimbo
How are you doing !

May I please make a point of clarification to your readers,even though you have done it so perfect on the post itself.

This debate is Not being run,put together,or dealt with by The East Boston Land Use Council.

It appears Jim that even with the actual,and factual info you have provided, I am getting some nasty e-mails,and calls.

So let me say this once,and for all.
The Land Use Council has never,and will never allow politics in our meetings.

We do not let them collect signatures,make appearences ,pass out,or leave campaign papers on our front desk.

So please if you are still confused,or just want to break chops because its at the Social Center,try to educate yourself,and read Jimbos post.

After all reading is fun de mental lol!

We hope everyone comes,obeys the simple rules,and has a good time.

Its a disgrace that the Mayor is refusing to attend.

In my opinion he is taking the Eastie vote for granted,and he is dead wrong. Its up for grabs !

Don't forget to vote,and if you don't vote Please for heavens sake don't come on here,or to any meeting to complain.

God Bless East Boston
Joseph J.Mason
East Boston Land Use Council

p.s Hello Mary

Anonymous said...

But Jim wasn't that you posting and talking up the debate and dissing the Menino crew?
I can tell by the way you mispelled 'tremendous'.

Mary Berninger said...

Well, I tried to contact Mayor Menino's campaign about their plans regarding the forum in Eastie. His City Hall office provided me with the name of his campaign scheduler, Emily Nowlin. After leaving three detailed messages for Ms. Nowlin, with no response, one can only assume that the campaign chooses not to understand the significance of the slight to our neighborhood.

Reading the published words of Michael Levenson for the Globe (9/4/09,) are we left believing that the Mayor's camp feels that certain East Boston organizations also lack "the heft to produce a major campaign event?" How very presumptuous of those speaking for the Mayor.

Let's hope that the fourth candidate of record finds his way to Central Square on next Wednesday evening. Many will be there to witness his performance or to bear witness to his empty seat.

Mary Berninger

Anonymous said...

How are you doing?

I just had to do this after reading the joke of a remark made at 9-8-09@12:10 am.

Its 12:am Do you know where your spell checkers r,or is it are !

Good God !

Menino update;
As of 4 :30 p.m. today 9-0809 hes NOT attending this debate.

Get this a spokesperson tried to say today that she never heard of the actual debate,and did a nice job of pretending to take down the information.Never called me back.

I have seen registered letters sent to his Honor,and signed for,as well as fax confirmation sheets to his office.

With the B.S. thats been hurled at the location,as well as people since his East Boston point man was told ,she was not truthful.

Mr. Mayor if you didn't know about the debate,why then all the calls.

I have been keeping a list of how many are comming my way,and I attest they are comming from inside City Hall,and from a registered City Hall cell phone.

My cell records will show it,so will his,as well as his desk phones number.

Asta Lavista Baby
A c.h.insider !

Anonymous said...

If Menino cant make it,he should tell us where else he is going to be that night. In other words what is more important to you than this? Simply inquire as to his schedule,and ask -"where is he going to be at that time on that night"?

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Mr. Thomas A.Menino.

Who by the way is a Mayor by default.

He was given the job when he was the President of the City Council ,and the Mayor went on to be an ambassador to Rome.

East Boston is part of Boston Mr. Mayor,just have one of your many aides look at a map of Boston.
Nuff Said.
p.s. Your new ad is a joke with that desk. Please tell us the last time you came to East Boston for a community meeting. You never came to one for the Bremen Street park. I know I went for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

East Boston Debate Update !

The fourth chair will be empty !

Mr. Meninos camp made it offical
today "He Is Not Attending".

To the poster asking where will he be then?

He is going to be at some sort of "Gala Event" on Newbury Street".closed quote.

The conversation,I must say was very nice,and respectful,and they called me,I did not call them.

Please spread the word about this debate.

One last note ,Shame on the East Boston Times for not doing this community proud,and printing the entire article many people sent them.
Instead of killing it at the bottom of a meaningless editorial.

They need to rename that paper,and remove the words East Boston,as
"In my opinion "they do not reflect our community,and are controlled by the Mayors Machine.

This shoul;d of been a front page story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring back Lou Torrone

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Fox 25 Debate?

The Mayor looked unprepared,and in my opinion lost the debate.

But what struck me the most was him saying we don't need to build more schools.

It was said so low key I had to rewind the tape to be sure It was said.

My god Mr. Mayor we need at least a dozen Middle Schools alone to be able to accomodate the ever increasing number of children being born.

I was shocked at how he looked,and reacted to every thing,esp when they did the wide out shot that showed the teleprompter right over his head.

Lets hope the third Debate asks better questions,and does not let them cross talk so much.

They were all prety much robotic ,and it felt like watching a Re-Run of the first debate.

Although undecided as of now,I have ruled out two based on tonights debate.

Unless they can change my mind at the East Boston debate.

Peace Jimbo !

Anonymous said...

You wont see Menino answer ANY live questions now that this scandal has surfaced.They will limit his contact with the media,and voters.
Something of this magnitude could very well cause his defeat this fall.They know it and they are VERY afraid.