Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheap AND dry

I stopped at Market Basket in Chelsea today during the deluge and, when I came out, there were a couple of store employees with umbrellas in the parking lot to escort customers to their cars. I've never seen that at a store of any kind.


James said...

Market Basket is great. A couple things I have noticed that always fascinate me there:

--No coupons to cut out or card to carry with you. Just cheap prices on brand name products with solid service.

--The lines are always shorter and there is always someone waiting to fill the bags at every checkout line.

--Our family's total grocery cost averages 20% lower than Stop & Shop or Shaws.

--Awesome variety of ethic foods. They have one entire Goya aisle, one Latino aisle, and then another international aisle with stuff from Eastern Europe, Thailand, India, Caribbean, etc.

-No automatic check out lines. I hate them at Home Depot and Stop & Shop, in particular because the cost savings to the company is not passed along to the consumer, yet it is the customer who incurs the higher cost of losing more time checking out. CVS and others are now getting them and they seem to be the wave of the future. Not only does it take me longer to check out, but a cashier also loses a job. It seems so typical of the economic calamity that we are in right now -- time cost and price gets higher for the consumer + the worker loses wages or their entire job = corporate/Wall St makes higher profits.

But this is also why I like Market Basket. They just seem to cut out the BS and operate like a normal grocery store and reasonable company. I am sure they make plenty of money without screwing the consumers and the workers. It doesn't surprise me that they also have people with umbrellas.

Anonymous said...

I got a Trav commemorative jacket one day when I was shopping and stuck in the rain.
Great Place.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Trav Jacket. I got a Trav Jackey and a Sfogliatelle, which I later threw up all over my Trav jacket.

Prima Quasimodo

Anonymous said...


Come about some moderation here. The Trav Jacket hooligans are getting old.

Anonymous said...

The prices are Ok, but the guy who thinks they have short lines is insane and has never been their on welfare day. It's a madhouse. I've watched the ebb and floww for 25 years. If yo have all day and no place to be you will do well there.

Yvette said...

One of the moms at Girl Scouts was saying the Chelsea grocery store over there is great. I didn't remember that it was Market Basket, though, but it's over on Everett Avenue, by the railroad tracks. I'll have to check them both, out! (Yeah,yeah, I don't get out of Eastie, much.) Cheers. (and vote, tomorrow!)