Thursday, October 29, 2009

Decision time for Afghanistan

Twin bombshells regarding Afghanistan in the past couple of days: Foreign Service Officer Matthew Hoh's resignation; and The New York Times story that Afghan president's brother, who was widely reported to be in control of that country's drug trade, has been on the CIA payroll for years. Throw in the obvious widespread fraud during Afghanistan's presidential election, and we have a toxic mix just as President Obama is in the final stages of making a decision on future US policy in that South Asian nation.

I think that American forces need to be pulled out of Afghanistan. I understand the post-9/11 invasion, but I don't see what we are accomplishing now -- eight years later. For those on the fence, I suggest that you read Hoh's resignation letter, which makes clear the complexities of the situation and, further, says that America's presence is only making things worse. In fact, I think everyone should read the letter.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Matthew Hoh resigned, what will Eastie do?
I heard he was going to run against Sal next time around.

Luv the Blog...Keep up the good work Jim!


Do you know where I can a Trav Commemorative jacket?

Anonymous said...

"we're gonna need a bigger boat"

Anonymous said...

I heard Market Basket had them, or waite to the new factory goes up in Maverick!

Michaelangelo Piscopozzinio

Anonymous said...

What makes the situation all the more treacherous is that in Iran,Pakistan,and Afghanistan the governments are so shaky.So is the case with North Korea.
The people in Afghanistan are not receptive to democracy,they are tribal by custom.Regime changes in these nations is whats needed. Further military involvement by us isnt the solution.These are long term problems that will face us for many years,especially with our ever growing need for oil.