Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The plot thickens (Update below)

A second computer is suddenly found in a back room? Top city aide Michael Kineavy temporarily steps down? Secretary of State Bill Galvin says that City Hall has been unresponsive to his requests? Some wonder openly whether politics is slowing the response of Attorney General Martha Coakley? Councilor Mike Flaherty tossing out accusations on the campaign trail?

The Menino Administration's Emailgate is exploding big time, fueled by the race for mayor that is just weeks away.

Update (10/8): Meanwhile, the East Boston Times published a laughable little editorial in this week's paper, saying that this is a "big to-do" that "the Boston dailies are trying to trump up over a bunch of useless e-mails..." I'm not sure how the Times knows the content of the emails, since not all of them have been recovered AND since a second computer was discovered. Are these talking points directly from City Hall?

I don't understand how anyone would think it acceptable for emails to be erased in violation of state law and in violation of a subpoena in the Dianne Wilkerson/Chuck Turner corruption case -- especially a newspaper. If there's nothing to hide then why is the Menino Administration dragging its feet?

Well, at least the Times comments occur on the editorial page this time and not in a Page 1 "news story" as happened a few weeks ago. In fact, there is something poetic about this Times editorial, with its one-sentence paragraphs and vivid imagery:
It is a hurricane without winds or rain,
a tornado without a swirling funnel cloud,
and an earthquake without a tremor
Reminds me of a line from Hamlet: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."


Anonymous said...

Gee ,thats sharp contrast from todays editorials,yes ' the Times

They gauranted the previous e-mails are clean,and there will be no problems ,but nothing about the hidden hard drive .

Now the master manipulator (Evil K)is taking a temporary leave of absence!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Translated=Hey Mike this is the Mayor,your going to cost me the election,get the fk out now on your own terms.

Tio bad the hammer is going to drop,on Obstruction of justice charges ,as Wilkersons ,and Take a buck Turners defense attys must be popping Dom .

This is a gift wrapped Aquital for them.

Lets be honest ,you know Evil K. is going to testify when they go to trial,and how could any juror not find reasonable doubt. I know It would ring my bell.

Folks,its corrrrrrrution,plain,and simple.

The reason for the Times missing it is 1-they print out of state,and 2-they are in the tank.

Just look at todays papers about the Emails,the Casino,The Mr. Boston,who is Josh Resnick of about 50 miles a way from Eastie,and no rag like theirs is complete without "The Mayors Letter".

What a bunch of corrupt morons. Just think as we all know,the only way to get rid of e-mails is to melt the hard drive,and replace it.

The key question is .
Mr. Evil K ,how many hard drives were replaced?

Oh one last thing to Mike F,and Mr. Yoon

Give me a break with this tag team.

You are already doing what you say is going on inside City Hall now. Jobs for friends.I dont like it.

Not showing up at the make fun dance,and sing night because they wouldnt let Sam on stage with you ,is just as insulting as the mayor not showing up at Easties debate.

Hes not running you are.

Theres no problem with him supportingg,and pumping for you,but you are the only name next to Meninos.

I dont want more of the same Mike F.

Have a great time Evil K .pondering when that knock on the door comes . You have more to worry about now than Wilk,and Turner!

Grand Jury !

Anonymous said...

This is unbelieveable, He(Joe Mason) has once awaken! C'mon Jim you know that last blog was him and again he is spewing hate and evilness.
What's wrong with you Joe? Why not get a job? Be a productive human being instead of lashing out. Jimbo, this is ridicolous that this guy has so much time to hate so much.
Joe, your just mad because we are told that LUC is uesless yes useless. The Land Use Council has absolutely no power so get use to it.
Jimbo, i'm sorry but enough is enough with this guy. Look back since the inception of this blog he has been spewing hate.
Thanks Jim for allowing me to vent
> Great Blog people so lets use it for good discussions

Anonymous said...

To 5:35,John Lynds is that you again?

Anonymous said...

No Joe its not! you don't realize this but alot of people at Dunkin Donuts are saying the same thing. You are becoming meaner than usual. Go get a job and be productive Joe. stay well

Anonymous said...

If Joe Mason's going attack the Times anonymously I wish he'd use a different style of typing. Everyone knows it's you Joe, get over it. What stake do you have in the race? Don't tell me Flaherty's boys said you could be Chairman of the Board of Appeals?

Joe I agree the other shoe will drop but maybe not for Michael Kiveavy.
There's an old saying if you want investigate anyone start with yourself Joe.

N.starluna said...

This blog is the topic of conversation at the local Dunkin' Donuts? Way to go Jim!

Jim said...

Do they want to string me up? Should I avoid Dunc's?

Mary said...

Jim, here's another gem that certainly applies to this situation:

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Did I remember those words of wisdom correctly? I wonder if the mayor or Mr. Kineavy were ever taught the phrase.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimbo

Once again the Anon morons are at it.(I know its just to break chops)

Lets say it once,and for all.I sign all my posts.

Get a life,and until you walk in my shoes don't tell me to get a job,why don't you get some balls and sign your names.

Don't be mad that I have had 17 operations in 3 years,including Lung Cancer,two Strokes,and a Heart Attack,and SURVIVED(God thats got to be killing you two),or that I sit on a family trust.

Get a life for Gods sake,and stick to the blog topic,try to show you have an ounce of smarts.Even though we all know you don't.

Any time you think you can stand in the same room with me,and debate Eastie you are welcome.

Also,since you have so much HATE in you for me,Ill issue you a challenge 3 ,3 minute rounds in a sanctioned gym,full boxing rules,and with both of us signing off on being able to sue,or press charges. You know like they do all the time.

Now you can't be afraid of a guy this sick,can you ?All Legal

But you have no PRIDE DUDES,

So if you have the canollis email me at,and Lets get it on.

Now as far as this Loser Im glad hes gone,as to me its proof hes in it up to his eye balls,as is the Mayor.

I may not be to intrigued with all of the challengers,but Ill vote for anyone over the current dictator Mayor Menino.

The first poster is on target,and its killing the Mayors boys who can't sign their nmaes.

I am sure theres more than one "OOPS" we forgot about this in the closet computer.

But I think most if not all of the hard drives have been replaced.

Good Luck Haters,email me any time!

Folks its two people both with the same first names.They think they are Anons,but we know,as one works in the private ,and one works for City Hall.

Joe Mason

Anonymous said...

To Joe, you are so funny. You are now a tough guy eh? This is too funny Jimbo. Joe, if you can walk all over East Boston and be in everyone's business then you should go to work.
By the way Joe, the mayor is going to win and when he does we are taking back LUC from you. We are going to have 25 people a week there for three straight weeks and then we'll have a vote to oust you.
Thank you Jim for being fair and letting both sides post their point!
The next Land Use Council President

Anonymous said...

Back to the subject on the blog. What is this about Menino suddenly not supporting Capuano as he had promised? Is there a feud brewing between them?
Anyone want to weigh in on this? The rumor is running through East Boston's political circles.

Anonymous said...

Once Coakley got handed the investigation she had Menino by the you know what(s) so he is distancing himself from Capuano and quietly telling the boys to vote Coakley who can help him now.This is typical Menino,she sits on it till after Nov 3rd.Wonder how Capuanos supporters in Boston feel about this about face??

Anonymous said...

You wont see anybody working for Menino deny this.Nobody wrote in to deny it. Well I am a Capuano supporter,so I guess instead of Menino,I will vote for Flaherty this time.I imagine alot of us will now.
How could I vote for Menino or Coakley??

Anonymous said...

Typical Joe Mason writing in, starting trouble as usual. I'm no detective but you can clearly see Jim that Mason wrote the last two posts. Why not try to talk about the issues instead of stirring the pot? I know why Joe, you have alot of time at Dunkin Donuts!! Get a job for crying out loud

Anonymous said...

There is a story on the East Boston police log stating that someone named Sean Patrick Kineavy, of 843 East Second Street, South Boston, was arrested on October 9, 2009 for allegedly stealing scrap metal from the Barletta Construction. Any relation to Michael Kineavy?

Anonymous said...

nope. Those blogs were not written by Joe Mason.If you are active politically in this town you know about this,so dont try and lessen the credibility of the message by attaching it to someone you ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Is there any relation to the Kineavy that was just arrested in Eastie the other day? He was from E. Second Street in Southie.

Anonymous said...

There again is Joe Mason hiding behind another name(anon). Stop causing problems and be productive to this community Joe. Enough is enough!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynds,Lamattina,Forbes,Drago,Petruccelli,Joe Mason didnt write about Capuano. You all got your instructions(orders)and you know what they are.Dont assume the people who read this blog dont see the smoke screen,nice try.Menino is quietly going to push Coakley to save his own fat ass,the same fat ass you have been kissing for years.What are you all going to do when he is gone?None of you could make it in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Jim,

I posted the following as Joe Masons brother on the blog post of Jims called bitter sweet if you want more inf about me.

However I came on here for a specific reason,and that is to see what Joe was talking about ,as I do not blog.

To; John Lynds,John Forbes,and Salo Lammatina;
Im going to start attending community meetings,because Im going talk with you face to face ,and see if you want to back up your coward hate speach to me,instead of hiding behind Anonymous.

Joes been sick with kidney failure,and you people are exactly what he says cowards.

As far as the post threatening to eliminate Joe,and the Land Use Council "When the Mayor Wins".
Herer is what Im going to do.

Copy your post,and find out who you are,as thats a serious threat,of conspiracy.You made a stupid mistake.

Minus the aholes of hate ,your blog is very interesting,and well put together.

Chris Mason
Joes brother whos worked in Eastie for years,and Sal with Silvio before you knew your wife.But cant wait to meet the two Johns.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelieveable Jimbo! Can you imagine that this is really Joe Mason's brother? Life would be to cruel because he is filled with so much hate. Joe, just stop all this stupidness and addresss the real issues such as thrash, crime, housing,ect....
You are not fooling anyone so stop with your idle threaths

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
I am Joes other brother Tim Mason. I cant wait to meet John Forbes and John Lynds so i can give them a piece of my mind. I plan on attending JPNA and Eagle Hill and my brother Chris will attend Oreint Heights so we have the best chance of getting those two scoundrals. I love my brother Joe and cant believe those two would attack him for being the president of the LUC and a proud east Bostonian. How dare they