Thursday, October 8, 2009

Newest Logan runway hasn't lessened delays

In April of 2001 the East Boston Sun Transcript (owned by the group that currently owns the EB Times) published a column of mine in which I listed six reasons why I believed adding a sixth runway at Logan Airport was a mistake. I wrote:
First, let us address Massport's main argument. Their commercials and their literature assert that adding a runway would decrease airport delays and congestion, at the same time alleviating some of the problems that locals have with Logan: noise, pollution, and traffic.

The fact is that the FAA's own web site indicates that most airport delays -- 75% of those in February, for example -- are due to poor weather conditions. An additional runway would mean additional flights delayed or canceled when the weather is bad. Therefore, building Runway 14/32 would have the opposite effect outlined in Massport's propaganda.

Runway 14/32 was eventually built and became active in November of 2006. Today there is a report in the news that says Logan Airport (and the smaller regional airport in Manchester, NH) "ranked 78th out of 89 metropolitan areas in the nation" in on-time flights and, "This year’s performance is a 2 percent improvement from the same time period in 2008, but 4 percent worse than five years ago."

Massport, as usual, played fast and loose with the facts. I know virtually nothing about the logistics of air travel, yet I was able to deduce that their arguments didn't make sense. Then, as now, Massport cannot be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I hope you got permission to reproduce that column from the paper you hate so much.
Funny Jim you act like that obscure column 8 years ago was the only thing the Transcript/Times ever published.

Jim said...

I don't need permission. I wrote it and I own it.

Not sure what the second half of your comment means, but the people at the Independent Newspaper Group (who started the EB Independent, bought out the EBST and then the EB Times) were nice enough to publish a column that I wrote for a year, from Sept. 2000 to Aug 2001. I appreciated the opportunity and they gave me free rein. I've said that before. I have no beef with them.

Anonymous said...

What excuse does MassPort give for the continuing delay problem? I'm sure they have one.

Anonymous said...

To Jim, ignore that first post. They make no sense and don't realize a real journalist. They probably think that Joe Mason is a honest guy too!
Jimbo your the best keep up the good work