Friday, October 23, 2009

For art's sake

Atlantic Works is hosting an exhibition of the work of Valentina Oppezzo, "a young Italian photographer now living in Cambridge." The subject of the photos include toys, food and Italian landscapes. The exhibit, sponsored by Italia Unita, runs through Oct. 31, with a cocktail reception next Thursday.

The gallery is also hosting "Phallic Confessions and Flaccid Truth" -- new work by Laura Torres and Samantha Marder -- through Oct. 24.


Anonymous said...

Italia Unita, what's that? Is it a new group, I'd love to get involved, what do they do. Keep up the good work Jim and I hear there's going to be Hubster T-Shirts?

Anonymous said...

I Think Italia Unita is the organization that use to put on an expensive feast. I went once and it cost me 200 to have my 3children, eat, drink and play games